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Lei Jun redefined the spot, and millet 9 was sold out after two seconds. Someone increased the price by 900 yuan to resell it.

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????March 19 is the delivery day of millet, and Lei Jun's microblog is boiling again. At 6:30 in the morning, he asked everyone early on his micro-blog, and left a message: "The early bird has insects to eat." Millet 9 can be stocked, I hope this time to satisfy you. But two seconds after the sale, millet 9 was sold out again. Unstolen users posted thousands of comments on Weibo.

????Millet really opened the era of the national cattle, earning as soon as it is snatched, not worrying about changing hands.

????In a millet exchange group joined by AI Finance and Economics Agency, some people said, "I grabbed one in the morning and sold it at a price of 100 yuan." On the idle fish, sellers grab the "modifiable shipping address" commodity which hangs out immediately. The 8G memory version, which sells for 3299 yuan, is increased by about 100 yuan to earn pocket money. As for the best-matched version of millet, there is a price increase of 900 yuan. Even a product called "100% successful shooting" was marked by 1,100 people who wanted it.

????But these sellers have only one product, and it is no less difficult to snap up than the official website. If you want to choose the color freely, you still need to help third-party sellers on the east of Beijing. In Jingdong, the lowest 6G memory version of millet 9 has been increased by 400 yuan, and the first two sellers have received 2000 evaluations respectively. Even when you search for "millet 9", the number one is not the official flagship store, but these third-party sellers.

????Although it can be bought at a higher price, the buyer is also full of resentment. How to define Lei Jun's "spot"? 》 There were 157 answers and 620,000 views. The respondents said that "Lei Jun redefined the spot". The poll of millet fans shows that less than 20% of people are willing to pay 300 yuan more for millet 9.

????Spot sold out in seconds

????Millet rush every year, why this discussion is particularly heated? The root cause is Lei Jun's own misfortune. On January 10, the Millet Development Fair announced the independence of Red Rice Redmi brand, and at the same time, it rarely attracted friends and businessmen. Lei Jun said Huawei Noa 4 and Glory 20 were officially released in December last year, but shipments were not made until January 30. "Do you know why, because Sony's 4800 (48 megapixel camera) did not start production until the end of December?"

????Lei Jun said excitedly, "Friends often attacked us before, what hunger marketing, PPT mobile phone, I think this is not PPT mobile phone? Aren't you trying to sell me something? Do you have the ability to sell the goods? At the subsequent millet 9 conference, Lei Jun emphasized the word "spot".

????But on Feb. 25, millet 9 opened for the first time and sold out in 53 seconds. On February 28, Lei Jun confessed: Tomorrow's supply is still not enough. Let's scold tonight first. Xiaomi Vice President Lin Bin, Red Rice Director Lu Weibing and Supply Chain Director Zhang Feng were all microblogged by Leijun Po to share the firepower of everyone.

????On March 3, Lei Jun reiterated on Weibo that if the millet supply is less than one million units in the first month of September, you don't have to rush, I will go to the factory to screw! In half a month, the "screw-twisting" stem brushed the screen seven times on Leijun Weibo.

????In previous years, consumers who could not get the goods might be really helpless. But this year things are different. 3rd and 1st, vivo sub-brand iQOO also released cost-effective mobile phones, equipped with Xiaomi 9's most famous Gaotong Miolong 855 chip, and has 12G memory and 4000 mAh large batteries. The price is one yuan lower than Xiaomi 9. It can be said that "Seven Wounded Fists" only come to grab share. Later that evening, Lei Jun had to announce the addition of a weekend venue the next day, to make the outside world doubt "millet 9 is really out of stock".

????What really triggered the avalanche of public opinion may be a passage sent by Wang Teng, director of millet products, in Weixin Group: "If millet is really ready for mass goods, the off-line premium will not exist, and the off-line reluctance to sell millet will result in huge stock losses." This statement almost confirms the rumor that the millet line is short of supply and intentionally "playing monkey".

????Deviation to offline channels is the root cause of "one machine is difficult to find"

Deviation to offline channels is the root cause of " one machine is difficult to find"

????In response to this paragraph, Xiaomi General Manager of Public Relations Xu Haoyun had to come forward to clarify: it is the product position of the science and technology man is dumb, open-mouthed. "From last night to now, he has been apologizing to his angry colleagues in all departments of the company."

????But Wang Teng is not wrong, emphasizing that offline channels are indeed the root cause of the snap-up difficulties. As early as February 26, Lin Bin, vice president of millet, expressed this meaning: "The total amount of millet 9



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????原名:幸福金融业营改增政策与实务_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗麻花净收入1.1亿元,仅申腾一人就赚了超过9200万元来源:每日经济新闻4月18日,幸福麻花发布了2018年年度报告。年度报告显示,2018年快乐扭转业务收入超过10亿元,较去年增长17%以上,但归属于上市公司股东的净利润较去年下降70%以上。值得注意的是,喜达屋的演艺经纪业务在2018年首次与其他两个业务部门(表演和衍生、影视和衍生)形成了三方地位。沈腾、玛丽和其他许多喜剧明星也在年度报告中透露了他们的薪水。据记者测算,沈腾和玛丽在2018年的人工成本分别高达9249.07万元和7845.7万元。净利润同比下降70%以上。沈腾和玛丽于4月18日披露了他们的劳务费。Happy Twist发布了其2018年年度报告。根据年报北京市典当行转让_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗数据,公司营业收入10.9亿元,比上年增长17.36%;归属于上市公司股东的净利润1.1亿元,比上年同期下降71.76%。《欢乐时光》将自己定位为一家喜剧公司,并称其形成了“戏剧和电影艺术家经纪人”的独特商业模式。在主营业务方面,2018年幸福马华主要由演出及衍生业务、影视及衍生业务、艺人经纪业务组成。2018年,作为喜达屋第一大主业的演出及衍生品收入3.77亿元,占总收入的37.37%,同比增长约18%。公告显示,喜剧片参与了《西洪首富》和《李察阿姨》的制作,累计票房31亿元以上,影视及衍生业务为公司带来约3.4亿元的收入。尽管电影《李察姑妈》被外界冠以“滑铁卢”的称号,创造了一个新的低票房的快活片,但电影业务已成为快活片、电影和艺术家经纪最赚钱的行业。明星电影报酬一直受到外界全球半导体企业排名100_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗的广泛关注。《幸福扭曲》的收入还透露了沈腾和玛丽的电影报酬。据齐心半导体工艺工程量产发展_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗宝数据,在前五大供应商中,新沂西乡腾腾影视文化工作室排名第二,长兴镇品影视文化工作室排名第四,均为申腾100%控股公司。幸福麻花分别向上述两家公司购买60107.00万元和3239.00万元,共计9249.07万元。荔枝影视文化(长兴)工作室的法定代表人和唯一股东为玛丽。2018年,幸福扭曲从荔枝影视公司收购7845.7万元。根据行业实践,这应该是2018年《欢乐时光》电影对沈腾和玛丽的演出人工成本,分别为9249.07万元和7845.7万元。事实上,自2016年以来,《快乐扭转》有意识地培养了喜剧艺术家,希望在沈腾和玛丽的基础上培养出更多优秀的喜剧人才。2017年,幸福麻花艺人经纪业务正电脑计算机在线算使用_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗式列入财务报告主营业务之一。根据年度报告,2018年快乐麻花娱乐经纪业务收入2.9亿元,比上年增长近214%,占公司总收入的28.92%。这是幸福扭曲第一次与其他两个主要业务部门(表演和衍生、电影和电视以及衍生)产生了对峙。目前,幸福马城旗下有200多名喜剧演员。上市终止后,国有企业退出幸福扭曲资本的方式也不会出乎意料。这将是“快乐扭曲”在不久的将来最后一次在新的第三届董事会上发布其公共财务报告。就在年度报告发布前两天,Happy 计算机网络硬件图片_366行业365体育投注 ribo88_皇冠365体育投注_365体育投注网站会黑钱吗Twist发布了2019年第二次临时股东大会决议公告。会议审议通过了《快乐扭转》终止新三板上市的议案。这意味着幸福之花撤离新三板只是时间问题。在3月29日之前,幸福商圈发布公告称,为进一步满足公司发展战略规划的需要,提高业务决策效率,降低公司运营成本,拟向新三板申请终止。